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Slow down and move over when you see orange cones or any vehicle with red, blue or yellow flashing lights

This is important. Emergency responders, roadside assistance techs, tow-truck drivers and so many more who work at the side of the road rely on all of us to follow the important law of “Slow Down, Move Over”.

Simply put—when you see orange cones, or any vehicle stopped alongside the road that has flashing red, blue or yellow lights—please slow down, move over and drive with care so roadside workers have enough room to do their jobs.

Here are some tips to help keep everyone safe.

1. Use online sources like Google Maps,, and follow governments or cities on Twitter to get the latest travel times, roadwork information, delays and road conditions.

2. Allow extra drive time. This can give you time to find an alternate route or allow you to arrive at your destination on time if you do get caught in a delay.

3. Know how to drive safely through cone zones and around emergency responder work areas:

  • Slow down safely. Cars behind you will take your cue and slow down, too. Pay attention to the placement of the cones and watch for roadside workers or sudden traffic changes.
  • Allow extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  • Never use a cell phone or text while driving.
  • If it’s safe to do so, move over into a lane of traffic away from the cone zone.
  • Keep your speed slow through the cone zone.

4. Understand BC’s Slow Down, Move over law.