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Road Trip Interruption Benefits

Planning a road trip? As a BCAA Member, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that should you face a trip interruption due to an accident or vehicle breakdown, select expenses are covered. When you travel by auto, more than 160 kilometers away from home, our Road Trip Interruption Benefits cover expenses such as, accommodation and meals, transportation that arise as a result of an accident or vehicle breakdown. Review the chart below for benefit amounts and combined expense limits based on your Membership type.

How does it work?

Once you have paid for your first renewal and are in your second year of Membership, you are entitled to benefits related to unexpected loss of use of vehicle as a result of accident or vehicle breakdown.

Membership type
Limit per Member per year
Basic $0
CAA Plus/CAA Plus RV
Premier/Premier RV

Please note: Road Trip Interruption Benefits start in year 2 of your BCAA Membership.

Reimbursement criteria

  1. Applicants must be BCAA Members in good standing both at the time of incident and the time of claim.
  2. BCAA Member must have been traveling in the vehicle at the time of occurrence.
  3. Limit is one claim per member household.
  4. For motor vehicle accidents, a letter of declined expense from your insurance provider must be included with the claim (copy acceptable).
  5. The incident and repair must have occurred at a minimum distance of 160 km from your residence on file at BCAA.
  6. Vehicles that are towed beyond the nearest repair facility are not eligible for road trip interruption benefits.
  7. Original detailed receipts must be submitted (no photocopies or credit card slips) and must be in your name. Expenses cover Members only - claims for non-member expenses will be denied.
  8. Eligible expenses must have been incurred within 72 hours of breakdown only.
  9. The Member vehicle must have been disabled for more than 24 hours.
  10. Member must pay for expenses first and apply within 60 days of incident for reimbursement.
  11. Examples of products and services not eligible for reimbursement include: Any item submitted for non-members or members who were not in the vehicle at the time of breakdown, alcoholic products, tobacco products, gratuities, toiletries, clothing, fuel, car repair service costs, transportation to final destination or residence on file with BCAA. Other products and services may not be eligible at BCAA’s discretion.
  12. Car rental drop fees and insurance expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.
  13. BCAA does not reimburse expenses that have been paid by your insurance provider.
  14. Rules and limits are subject to change without notice.

Documents required for reimbursement

  1. Download the PDF to begin your claim process
  2. Letter from BCAA Member detailing the facts in chronological order
  3. Copy of police and/or accident reports
  4. ORIGINAL paid receipts for expenses (must be in Member’s name to be considered)
  5. A copy of repair bill is required in order to process claim

In all assessments for reimbursement for road trip interruption benefits, BCAA shall apply the principles and policies that guide the delivery of fair and sound Membership benefits. Please contact BCAA to get more information.