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BCAA Magazine Fall 2024 BCAA Go cover

Fall 2023 Edition

What started in 1915 as BC Motorist, our official Member magazine for motoring enthusiasts, has evolved into a few different publications over the years and most recently into the BCAA Magazine you know today.

But as preferences shift towards online content and we look to meet our environmental impact goals, we're saying farewell to the traditional magazine format. This marks the last issue of BCAA Magazine, but you can still sign up for our monthly emails, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or visit our Blog. However you find us, whether at home or beyond, BCAA is still here to keep you moving forward.

What's in our final issue of BCAA Magazine:
In our final issue of BCAA Magazine, we focus on our newest Membership offering, BCAA GO, built for a new generation of British Columbians who want to move better, save more and do it together. We also take a trip to Mexico and learn about the rich travel options it offers – whether you want to get out and explore, take in the culture, or tease your tastebuds. As well, we look at the future of smart homes, including biometric security, robotic assistants, and how artificial intelligence can ease the stresses of daily life. This, and so much more, in the final issue of BCAA Magazine.

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