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6 Tips to protect your new car

So, you did it—you have a brand new ride and you’ve got the ‘good feels’. And while the rule, “absolutely no eating in the car” will be one of the first things you implement, here are some other tips to help protect one of your largest investments.

1. Invest in interior and exterior protective accessories

To keep your car fresh, and looking its best, consider investing in some protective accessories such as carpet mats, cargo area protector, headlamp protectors or front mud flaps. Try to choose accessories that can also be replaced if necessary.

2. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule

Genuine vehicle servicing by trained automotive technicians will ensure optimum performance, efficiency, safety and reliability of your car. And when it’s time to sell or trade in your car, showing it’s been regularly serviced can make a big difference to its value. BCAA Auto Service Centre provides Red Seal Certified Technicians to help with your service and mechanical repairs.

3. Use the right fuel

Check your owner’s manual for specific guidelines on the type of fuel that’s best for your car.

4. Prepare for extreme hot and cold weather conditions

Invest in a good quality sunshade to prevent ultra-violet rays from damaging your interior. In cold weather areas, clean your car often to prevent corrosion from salt and other chemicals that are spread on roads.

5. Clean your car regularly and look after your paintwork

Regular cleaning of your car’s interior and exterior helps prevent dirt and grime build-up from becoming a long-term or irreversible problem. Check with a car detailing professional about what’s best for your new car. If you’re doing it yourself, check with your car’s manufacturer for proper cleaning tips.

6. Protect against a total loss with Car Replacement Cost Coverage

Check your car insurance for Car Replacement Cost Coverage. If your car is damaged due to an accident, fire or theft, or it’s been stolen and not recovered, your insurer might replace it with a brand new car of the same make and specification. Speak to your insurance adviser about your policy so you know what’s covered, and what’s not.

BCAA’s new Replacement Cost Coverage Plus gives more value with even more protection.