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Home Insurance Implication

What you need to know

After legalization on October 17, 2018, BC Law is likely to allow the growth of up to four cannabis plants per household, but landlords and strata councils will be able to restrict or prohibit home cultivation. Also, growing cannabis could affect your home insurance eligibility and coverage. For example, in social hosting situations, you might be considered legally liable for guests who consume cannabis in your home and subsequently injure themselves or others, such as in a car crash.

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While the BC government works through its policies on legalization of cannabis, you may have questions surrounding your Home Insurance coverage. We are currently reviewing our coverage as we get more details in preparation for the legalization of cannabis and this page will be updated to keep you informed, so be sure to check back.

In the meantime, if you have any specific concerns about your Home Insurance coverage when cannabis becomes legal, let us know in the form below. Your feedback will help us in forming the content on this page. While we may not have the answers yet and will not be able to provide a response at this time, we will ensure to post information on this page to address concerns as it becomes available.

Currently, Home Insurance in Canada does not cover any loss if the premises are used for cannabis activities. BCAA currently does not cover any loss if the insured home, detached structure or property is used for cannabis activities, regardless of whether the loss is related to cannabis activities.

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