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How to get your vehicle ready to sell

Are you planning to sell your vehicle? Hold up! Before your wheels hit the market, you want to get it looking good as new to attract plenty of admiring eyes on BCAA Auto Marketplace. Here's our guide on how to make sure your vehicle scrubs up for sale.

1. Clean your vehicle

Whether you give your vehicle a scrub or have it professionally done, have your vehicle cleaned before taking pictures and posting it online. A clean interior and exterior can help raise the perceived value of your vehicle and increase the curb appeal to a buyer. If you want to go above and beyond, consider applying a protective coating or wax to the paint and tire shine.

2. Complete necessary repairs

Ensure that your vehicle is fully functional and adheres to all legal requirements before listing it on BCAA Auto Marketplace. Address any necessary repairs and consider improving the vehicle's exterior by fixing scratches and dents.

3. Complete any outstanding maintenance

Ensure the vehicle is up to date with all its routine maintenance, including oil changes. Maintaining proper fluid levels are crucial for vehicle performance and will show buyers you take good care of your vehicle. While checking your vehicle, don’t forget to make sure the heating and cooling systems work. Having a trusted professional take a look at your vehicle for you also puts potential buyers at ease, book an oil change and maintenance service at your local BCAA Auto Service Centre. Or get a full comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s health and performance with a Pre-Purchase Inspection

4. Inspect the tire pressure and tread

Make sure to check the tire pressure and tread depth on all your tires. Tire pressure can be found by using a tire pressure gauge and tread depth can be assessed by looking for tread wear indicators, by using a tread depth gauge. If you do not own a tire pressure gauge, you can go to a gas station that has an air pump or to any BCAA Auto Service Centre to get your tire pressure checked.

5. Check the exterior and interior lights are working

Step out of the vehicle and look around the car and ensure the headlights, high beam lights and the brake lights are functional. After this check has been completed, test all the interior lights and confirm they are working as intended.

6. Make note of any damage

It is recommended that sellers be upfront about any damage that has occurred to the vehicle. Any scratches or dents should be documented and the buyer should be informed. Any windshield damage, like stone chips, in the driver’s line of vision should be noted and fixed as part of the necessary repairs step.

7. Collect vehicle paperwork and accessories

Buyers like it when you can provide paperwork and documentation like the vehicle’s user manual, any warranty information, repair receipts and inspection reports. When listing the vehicle, you should also note the number of keys and fobs included, and anything else that will be include in the sale. This could be roof racks, a second set of wheels or tires or replacement parts.

8. Remove your personal belongings

Prior to taking photos and listing your vehicle, remember to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle. Don’t forget to check the spot where you hide your sunglasses!

Now you’re ready to start the listing process for your vehicle on BCAA Auto Marketplace!

Before you create your listing, you'll want to make sure you have these ready:

  • VIN     
  • Odometer reading
  • Photos of your vehicle  
  • Any vehicle reports
  • Insurance papers
  • Your BCAA Membership number
  • The condition of your vehicle (Like New, Good, Fair)

When listing your vehicle, consider purchasing an optional seller's package. A seller package will enhance your listing with everything buyers may be looking for. BCAA Members can validate their Membership number on BCAA Auto Marketplace to save 10% discount on the purchase of seller packages.

BCAA Auto Marketplace was designed to make the used vehicle buying and selling process easier. From our easy-to-navigate listing experience to resources and tools when you need them, we’ll help you showcase your vehicle. Plus, you’ll have a chance to reach over one million BCAA Members and beyond! 

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The foregoing information is for general informational purposes only. Readers are cautioned against making any decisions based on this information alone and any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.