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BCAA and BC Earthquake Alliance – Partners in Preparedness

We can be ready for almost every outcome in our daily routines. You can have a backup plan for losing your keys, having a flat tire, even forgetting your credit card PIN, but one thing that’s very hard to prepare for is the totally unexpected.

Nobody ever really wants to think about what to do when the walls start shaking, but the reality is there’s a chance an earthquake could happen at any time. The great thing is, there are experts who have the knowledge and tools to help – that's where our friends at the BC Earthquake Alliance (BCEA) step in.

At BCAA, we always want to help British Columbians move forward, and sometimes that includes looking over your shoulder. Planning for a natural disaster helps us stay calm and act quickly if we ever find ourselves in that situation.

The BCEA are experts in knowing what to do when an earthquake hits, so we’re helping to protect British Columbians by spreading the message and encouraging the fine people of our province to follow their lead when it comes to disaster preparedness.

How can we be ready for an earthquake?

While we live in the most beautiful part of the world (in our humble opinion), British Columbia’s location on the boundary of the oceanic Juan de Fuca Plate and the continental North American Plate means our homes are in an area that is vulnerable to earthquakes.

One way of being ready is to practice. BCAA has been a long-term supporter and participant in The Great British Columbia ShakeOut, an annual earthquake preparedness drill led by the BCEA. We're excited to make our friendship official as we announce a community partnership between our two organizations that focuses on reaching all British Columbians, including those in communities who may not otherwise have access to education and support about earthquake preparedness.

3 ways to get involved

While we can’t predict when one of these seismic events may occur, educating yourself and getting prepared is your best defense, and it can help you feel more empowered to move forward when the moment arrives.

Here are three easy things you can do right now to protect yourself and your loved ones:

  • Register and join ShakeOut BC – Practice how to be safe during big earthquakes. Learn more and join us for the largest ever earthquake drill in BC - The Great British Columbia ShakeOut on October 20 by registering here.
  • Share resources – Help others by sharing ShakeOut BC fact sheets and earthquake preparedness resources with family, friends and colleagues to demonstrate your support and motivate others to get prepared and feel ready to face an earthquake when it happens.
  • Build a kit – in the event of an earthquake or a disaster, there is a chance that there could be little or no access to power, water, heat or help. In this case, an emergency kit can make a difference for you and your loved ones.

Learn more about how to build your own emergency kit or purchase a ready-made kit and customize it with additional items. 

Making a difference, together

Together, we are already making a difference in our shared goal to reach more underserved BC communities. With BCAA’s support, BCEA has launched a pilot program that collaborates with provincial organizations and local community representatives to understand the unique needs of each community to better determine an engaging approach to increase earthquake preparedness.

Through their targeted outreach efforts, BCEA has provided resources and educational materials in a variety of languages and is delivering those materials in a way that makes sense for the local communities. As this work is just beginning, it will continue to evolve – identifying new gaps and producing impactful solutions when it comes to earthquake preparedness.

Getting to know the BC Earthquake Alliance

Founded in 2010, the BC Earthquake Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that works to build a culture of earthquake and tsunami preparedness through efforts such as ShakeOut, as well as other year-round education and awareness building activities. Each year they lead and collaborate on a number of special initiatives, including education during Tsunami Awareness Week and Emergency Preparedness Week.

Could you be a BC Earthquake Alliance volunteer?

The BC Earthquake Alliance and its activities rely on a team of dedicated volunteers who contribute to the board, task teams and other initiatives. For more information about volunteering, contact