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Giving Child Car Seats a Second Life

Did you know that in BC an estimated
85,000 - 100,000 child car seats end up in the landfill each year?

In spring 2023, BCAA partnered with Queensborough Landing Return-It to offer British Columbians a convenient and environmentally sustainable way to dispose of used or expired car seats.

We’re excited to share that over 2,000 child car seats were diverted from the landfill, giving a second life to these tough to recycle materials. Plus, we donated $5 for every child car seat collected, contributing over $10,000 to support four local non-profit organizations who provide programs and resources for children and families in local BC communities.

BCAA Car seat recycling event 

Recycling used and expired child car seats not only keeps kids safe on the road by removing potentially dangerous car seats from circulation, it also helps to reduce waste and protect our environment, ultimately benefiting everyone in our communities!

Learn more about private recycling opportunities in your area here.