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Our partnership

UWBC and BCAA have a rich history of partnership and support, stretching back over the past 25 years. Through an annual workplace giving campaign, BCAA matches all employee donations to UWBC each year. This fundraising goes directly to UWBC’s core programs and initiatives.

For the past 10 years, BCAA and UWBC have also been close partners in bringing to life the BCAA Community Child Car Seat Program, an initiative that helps parents and caregivers access new, safe and unexpired child car seats, prioritizing community agencies supporting multi-barriered individuals and families (BIPOC folks, newcomers and refugees, and people made vulnerable by systems).

BCAA’s foundational partnership with UWBC ensures that together we have a province-wide reach and are truly impacting those in greatest need. 

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About United Way BC

United Way British Columbia (UWBC) has a mission to support the development of healthy, caring, and inclusive local communities by strengthening vital connections that support people in need. As an amalgamation of six United Ways from across BC, UWBC works with communities throughout the province serving over four million British Columbians, and focuses its work on areas such as urgent response, children and youth, seniors, poverty, mental health, and food security.