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Keeping Child Car Seats Out of the Landfill

Did you know that in BC an estimated 85,000 - 100,000 child car seats end up in the landfill each year?

From July 5-31, 2021, BCAA partnered with social enterprise, ATMO Recycling, to collect used and expired child car seats at our BCAA Auto Service Centre in Kelowna. We're excited to share that over 600 child car seats were kept out of the landfill, giving a second life to their materials. 

Plus, the pilot program donated $5 for every child car seat collected, giving the local chapter of Mamas for Mamas over $3,000 to help support mothers and caregivers with programs and resources. 

With our pilot now completed, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated and helped us keep car seats out of the landfill.

Wondering how to recycle a child car seat? Learn more about private recycling opportunities in your area here.

In support of

Mamas for Mamas is a national charitable organization that helps mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing safe spaces and poverty relief tools and support. Learn more about Mamas for Mamas and donate to support a great cause.
In partnership with

ATMO Recycling Ltd. is a not for profit, social enterprise dedicated to responsibly recycling child car seats.