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Service Locations are open, with pre-booked appointments recommended, masks required, & COVID-19 safety measures in place. Learn how we can help online for faster service. During an L3 advisory BCAA Travel Insurance continues to provide COVID-19 medical coverage for fully vaccinated customers.

Lost Membership Card?

You have options when it comes to replacing your lost or damaged BCAA Membership card. 

The quickest way is to download your digital BCAA Membership Card to your digital wallet*

What is a digital card?
A digital membership card can be conveniently downloaded to your smartphone. It provides detail on your BCAA Membership and other important details about your BCAA account.

Don't worry about losing your Membership card ever again!

If you'd like a physical card, please see the information about requesting a replacement card below.
BCAA Account

By logging into your BCAA My Account, you can instantly access your digital BCAA Membership card by direct download or by sending it to yourself and/or to your Associate(s) Member(s) via SMS.

BCAA Mobile App

Easily access your digital BCAA Membership card via the app and download it to your iOS or Android device's digital wallet. You can also request BCAA Roadside Assistance, locate rewards partners and more.


Alternatively, you can also request a replacement card

A replacement card can be obtained by logging into My Account . , or by calling 1.888.268.2222

The physical card will be mailed directly to your home in 7-10 business days from request.