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5 Tips to help everyone stay safe on the road

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease and highways and local roads get busier, we’re sharing five important driving tips to help keep everyone safe – including kids in our local neighbourhoods.

1. Watch your speed 

All speed limits are still in effect so watch how fast you’re travelling. When approaching roadside workers or driving through construction zones, slow down and move over and follow the construction zone speed limits. For school zones, the 30 km/h speed limit between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on school days unless otherwise posted is still in effect and must be followed.

Also, keep an eye out for BCAA’s Slow Down Kids Playing Signs indicating there may be children out and about. You can request a FREE BCAA Slow Down Kids Playing Sign to put on your lawn at Plus, we've put together tips for parents on how to protect kids while at play.

slow down kids playing sign in neighbourhood

2. Don't get distracted

When you’re driving, put the phone away and leave the coffee in the cupholder. Whether it’s a kid darting out, cyclists on the road or pedestrians crossing the street, be prepared for the unexpected and use the basics like shoulder checks before changing lanes. And remember, handling any electronic device while driving is against the law. Learn more about distracted driving here.

3. Leave a safe following distance

Leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front. At least two seconds in optimum conditions, three seconds on high-speed roads and four seconds in bad weather. That way you have enough time to brake if necessary.   

cars on road keeping a safe distance

4. Be courteous

Don’t leave other motorists guessing your next move: always signal before making all turns, including in parking lots. Yield at marked crosswalks and make eye contact with people walking and riding a bike, so they know you’ve seen them. Follow the rules at a four-way stop, which also applies to intersections where the stoplight isn’t working. Stay in the right lane unless passing, especially if you’re towing a trailer or driving an RV, and give a wave to show appreciation to a gracious fellow driver.    

5. Practice patience

Rather than laying on the horn to express frustration at someone on the road, take a deep breath and count to three. Cooler heads always prevail, and reacting calmly can help avoid aggravation.

Recently, we’ve all seen individuals do their part in neighbourhoods, communities and across the province. Let’s continue to respect each other and build on the power of community. So, before your next drive, be sure to keep these tips top of mind and let’s all work together to keep our roads as safe as possible.