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Different Ways You Can Renew Car Insurance

As BC’s Most Trusted Insurance Brand*, you trust us to give you expert advice on car insurance. And now you have more renewal options than ever, including online, over the phone and in-person. Since not all policies can be renewed online or by phone, it’s important to understand your options to renew your car insurance.

Essentially, your renewal options depend on whether you have ICBC Autoplan and/or BCAA Optional Car Insurance, and your unique circumstances. Let’s take a closer look so you’re prepared to renew your car insurance when and how you want. 

ICBC Basic Autoplan

In BC, this is your basic car insurance that every vehicle must have. You can renew your ICBC Basic Autoplan online with ICBC directly, or we're happy to renew your ICBC Autoplan over the phone or in-person. If you choose to renew online, be sure to specify BCAA as your broker when prompted to access the expert advice you're used to.

Here are three ways to renew your ICBC Basic Autoplan with BCAA:

broker details and map


This is the first year that ICBC allows online insurance renewals, and it’s the fastest way to renew your ICBC Autoplan. If you’re eligible, you can renew your ICBC Basic Autoplan online now. You can pay by credit card or if you prefer to pay with a payment plan, you can enter your bank account information (found at the bottom of a cheque or through your online banking).

Online renewals don’t work in all cases though. For example, you will renew in-person if:

  • It’s for a jointly owned vehicle
  • It’s for a leased vehicle
  • It’s for a company-owned vehicle
  • It’s for a motorcycle
  • It's for a trailer
  • It’s for a collector vehicle
  • It’s a commercial policy
  • It’s the day of expiry
  • You want to add, remove, or change your optional coverages during the renewal
  • You have outstanding debt owed to ICBC

Find more helpful tips about renewing online in our recent blog.

BCAA call agent


You can renew your ICBC Basic Autoplan by phone with BCAA, too. Call us at 1.888.268.2222 and one of our insurance experts will renew your car insurance for the year ahead. We’ve pulled together tips to help your phone renewal go smoother, including having your car insurance renewal documents handy, as well as access to your email during the call.


You can renew your ICBC Basic Autoplan at your local BCAA Service Location. There are 29 BCAA Service Locations throughout BC and you can find locations and office hours here.

BCAA Optional Car Insurance

At BCAA, you can complement your Basic ICBC Autoplan with additional Optional Coverage that covers repairs after an at-fault crash, vehicle break-ins and rental vehicle protection. You can protect your vehicle with Collision, Comprehensive, and Excess Third Party Liability Coverage options.

All of our BCAA Optional Car Insurance policies come with free pet coverage, guaranteed repairs, one accident forgiveness and lock rekeying.

You can also renew your BCAA Optional Car Insurance online, by phone and in-person:


It’s easy to renew your BCAA Optional Car Insurance online if you don’t need any changes to your policy or coverage. Simply have your current policy number ready. You’ll find your policy number by logging in to your account and then visit us online to renew your BCAA Optional Car Insurance.

Phone and In-Person

Just like with your ICBC Basic Autoplan, you can get renewed by phone, too. Call us at 1.888.268.2222 and one of our insurance experts will renew your BCAA Optional Car Insurance for the year ahead. Or, visit us in-person at one of our 29 BCAA Service Locations throughout BC.

Let’s get you renewed right away

We’d love to protect you, your loved ones, and your vehicles in the years ahead. For more information on ICBC Basic Autoplan & BCAA Optional Car Insurance, including all your car insurance options and ways to renew, visit