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Infant-only Seats

An infant car seat is used rear-facing only. It supports and protects your child’s head and spine in the event of a crash. Remember to never place a rear-facing car seat in front of an active air bag.

Types of Infant-only Seats

Car seat - Infant

Infant-only Car Seat
Infant-only car seats have weight limits that vary depending on the make and model - some can be used up to 16kg (35lb). Choose one that fits securely in your vehicle and is appropriate for your child's weight and height.

Infant-only Seat Video Tutorial

Watch the videos below to properly install your infant seat in your vehicle and correctly secure your child. Remember to always follow your vehicle owner's manual and infant seat instructions.

Installing an infant seat: UAS or seatbelt method


Securing a child in an infant seat

Child Car Seat - Infant
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