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Know the Hazards

In B.C., earthquakes, floods and wildfires are some of the biggest risks facing the province.


3,000 earthquakes are reported in B.C. each year


Floods are the most common and most costly hazard in Canada


B.C. experiences 1,600 wildfires each year


 Crack in wall

We’ve all heard about the impending “big one”, but did you know thousands of smaller earthquakes happen in B.C. every year?

Fortunately, most are too small to feel, but it’s still critical to be prepared, especially along the coast, where tsunamis can be triggered.

Learn more about how to get prepared for an earthquake and tsunami from Emergency Management BC (EMBC).



While floods in B.C. are most common in the spring, they can also be caused year-round by heavy rains, storm surges, ice blockages and damaged dikes or dams.

Flooding can happen anywhere, not only if you live near a body of water, so it’s important to prepare and know how to protect yourself and your home.

Learn more about how to prepare for a flood in B.C. from EMBC.



B.C.’s wildfire season has grown longer and stronger in recent years; we average more than 1,600 wildfires per year.

If you live in a fire-prone area, you can protect yourself before, during and after a wildfire by taking steps to prevent fires and prepare your home.

Learn more about how to prepare for a wildfire in B.C. from EMBC.

To learn how to protect and prepare your home for wildfire season, check out useful tips and resources from our community resilience partner, FireSmart BC.

 For information about insurance claims and preparing for wildfire season, visit