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Going the extra mile for our Members everyday.

At BCAA, we have countless stories of how our team has gone the extra mile or our Members. From helping at the roadside to taking the stress out of insurance claims, we're there for our Members when they need us the most.

Jack of All Trades

When a man was pinned underneath a vehicle Aneil jumped into action, lifting the car so the man could get help.  READ THE FULL STORY
Water worries

It's a stressful day when your 4-year-old decides it would be fun to clog a running sink and cause a big flood. Luckly BCAA is just a call away.

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No VIN, No Problem

A rusted out vintage car with no ownership documents, doesn’t have to be a non-starter. Enter BCAA team Member, Ryan with Insurance miracles.

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Roadside cat rescue

Removing a seat from a car, rescuing a cat and avoiding its razor sharp claws are all in a days work for a BCAA Roadside Assist Fleet Technician.

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Member Stories

child in a car seat

Endrené S.

Unlocking doors and fixing toys

BCAA Member Endrené felt helpless when the keys were accidently locked inside the car with her son. That’s when our BCAA Road Assist team sprang into action.

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A little kindness goes a long way

Whether it’s roadside assistance or insurance help, we get it—those times can be stressful for anyone. BCAA Member Khatun's story reminds all of us that kindness, even in its most simple form is powerful and easy to give. Let’s keep spreading it!

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When hydroplaning happens

BCAA Member John’s story had us all saying “whoa” and is a good reminder for all of us to get ready for fall and winter weather driving.

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Ice cream, a locked car, and a ferry

Read Marjorie’s story about how a hot summer day went from enjoying ice cream at a ferry terminal to a locked car and just making the ferry sailing thanks to the quick response from BCAA!

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