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Going the extra mile for our Members everyday.

At BCAA, we have countless stories of how our team has gone the extra mile or our Members. From helping at the roadside to taking the stress out of insurance claims, we're there for our Members when they need us the most.

Member Stories

BCAA Saves the Day Candy


Cat-astrophe avoided thanks to purr-fect BCAA recovery

With two blown tires in the pouring rain and her beloved cat at the vet, BCAA Member Candy was grateful to have the support of the BCAA team behind her.

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Close up of a flat tire on the road on a sunny day

Sheila, Clare and Jean

Teamwork makes the dream work in out of province roadside rescue

Thanks to their BCAA Membership, Sheila and her mom were delighted with their quick and efficient roadside rescue while travelling out of province.

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Woman looking under the hood of a car on the side of the road on a snowy day


Left stranded on a ski trip until BCAA got the vacation back on track

Facing a 10-hour drive home, BCAA Member Kim could not get her car started until a fast recovery from BCAA meant her ski trip finished on a positive note.

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Woman standing in the snow talking on the phone, gesturing to parked car behind her


A warmhearted rescue during a cold snowy breakdown

After breaking down on a snowy night, BCAA Member September was delighted to see a BCAA Auto Service Tech quickly arrive at the scene.

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Car seat instructor demonstrating proper car seat belt


United we're stronger

United Way and BCAA have a relationship that has been going strong for more than 25 years. Learn how the partnership supports local communities. 

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Woman raising her arms in cheer in front of a car with a Christmas tree on top


BCAA spreads festive cheer and saves a holiday shopping trip

BCAA Member Roberta says her BCAA Membership card will never leave her side after being rescued in the Netherlands – thanks to the BCAA Auto Service coverage that extends around the world.

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View of residential buildings along an Amsterdam canal


BCAA saves the day 7,000km from home!

BCAA Member Roberta says her BCAA Membership card will never leave her side after being rescued in the Netherlands – thanks to the BCAA Auto Service coverage that extends around the world.

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CAA Battery being lifted into car


Dead battery shocker avoided with lightning-quick install

Following a dead battery, BCAA Member Robert’s fears of taking expensive taxi rides disappeared as soon as he realized BCAA can deliver a brand-new car battery and save him $80 on the cost!

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Red car being loaded onto a BCAA tow truck on a rainy day


Car breakdown risks family lunch plans until BCAA serves up a rescue

BCAA Member Denise almost missed an important lunch with family and friends until some quick thinking and first-class service by BCAA Auto Service Technician Derek saved the day!

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Car and trailer parked in a sunny wooded campsite


Smoke scare derails family camping trip but BCAA clears the air and saves the day

A pierced oil filter suddenly halted BCAA Member Gina’s camping vacation but a fast response from BCAA soon had her family trip back on track.

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RV on its side in roadside ditch


RV reeled out of a ditch as BCAA saves family fishing trip

Douglas and his family sure are grateful to have a BCAA Plus Membership with RV coverage, which not only saved them $1,500 in towing but also saved their annual family fishing trip!

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Blue stuffed bunny rabbit holding a yellow plush ball


House fire destroys almost everything but BCAA saves the day, and a special bunny!

BCAA customer Jag was left shocked when a house fire destroyed his family’s belongings, but BCAA’s caring response, and their daughter’s favourite toy bunny being saved and restored, left them speechless.

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Harley Davidson motorbike on tow truck at BC Ferries terminal


A Harley, a ferry fiasco and a May long weekend saved!

A failed motorbike sensor almost ruined BCAA Member Cindy’s May long weekend plans but BCAA Auto Service technician Joe showed up to save the day.

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BCAA Saves the Day truck with blown tire


BCAA Saves the Day truck with blown tire

BCAA Member Alexander tracked the tow truck right to his door using the BCAA App before a smooth recovery and $490 savings on optional car insurance!

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BCAA Member Lori and her husband


Blown tire stateside, but the vacation vibes kept rolling with BCAA! 

BCAA Member Lori feared her vacation was ruined when a tire blew in the middle of nowhere after crossing the border, but BCAA had the answers.

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Golden retriever in trunk of car


Furry Friend got locked in the trunk so BCAA hurried to my call

BCAA Member Stephanie needed a fast response when her dog got locked in the trunk of her car with the keys inside – thankfully BCAA was soon at the scene to set her pooch free.

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BCAA Member David and Wife in Paris

BCAA covers all costs of cancelled bucket list adventure

BCAA Member David and his wife had to call off their dream vacation to Europe at the last minute due to a medical issue, but thanks to BCAA Travel Insurance, their bucket list trip was only delayed.

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giving car keys to customer

Perfect day ‘unlocked’ thanks to BCAA

BCAA Member Lorraine was showing her relatives why our province is called ‘Beautiful BC’ until she locked her keys in the trunk at the worst possible moment. Thankfully, BCAA was there quickly to help get their vacation back on track.

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hole in the wall exposing pipe


Broken pipe flooded our kitchen and basement until BCAA Home Insurance came to our aid

Corinne feared the worst when an accident during a dishwater installation led to a ‘waterfall’ through her ceiling – then BCAA arranged a hotel for her family and took care of the rest.

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woman with broken down car calling on phone


Car Battery issue almost ruined a special birthday dinner

Jocelyn was about to leave for her godchild’s birthday dinner when her car battery gave up. Luckily, a quick call to BCAA Battery Service fixed the problem, and she was back on the road in no time.

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Dennis Mark and family

Dennis M.

Crisis averted on the way to Banff

Running out of gas is stressful, especially if you’re on the Coquihalla with no phone signal. Luckily, Dennis was able to get in touch with BCAA Roadside Assistance and help was soon on the way. Lesson learned, always pre-plan your gas stops on a big trip (or listen to your wife when they tell you to take the exit)!

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driver with broken down car on call with roadside assistance

Rita K.

How Rita avoided a $750 fix

Battery problems become incredibly common when temperatures arise. When Rita’s 12-year-old car would not start, she feared she was going to be on the hook for a $750 bill. But luckily a call to BCAA was able to ease her worries and the strain on her wallet.

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Ruel P.

Have no fear, Moe is here

After coming home late from a long day at work, the last thing Ruel needed was a flat tire. Luckily, Moe knows not only how to quickly change a tire but also how to brighten someone’s day. Ruel’s story is just one of many we regularly receive about the awesome work that Moe does!

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Member submission photo

Angela U.

Going above and beyond when you need us

Angela’s family relies on their accessible vehicle for their five-year-old daughter’s transport. She became worried when her vehicle broke down that she wouldn’t be able to have it fixed in time, but BCAA stepped in to go above and beyond and ensured they’d be there to help before the body shop closed for the day.

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BCAA Member Lauren with Roadside Assistance

Lauren W.

BCAA will get you out of any “jam”

BCAA Member Lauren is a cyclist extraordinaire, but there are times where she faces unexpected roadblocks and relies on her BCAA Membership to help her get back to her ride. On her most recent trip, her chain got jammed, but with the help of Roadside Assistance, she was able to get back on the road without even needing a tow!

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Kelowna ASC

Marilyn L.

40 years of Membership, a lifetime’s worth of protection

Marilyn is a 40-year Member and her family has used their Memberships when they were locked out of their vehicles, had flat tires or needed a tow. Now her daughters also have the reassurance of their BCAA Membership, so Marilyn knows they’re always protected while on the road.

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Canada, BC, Princeton. Winding highway 3 between Hope and Princeton.

Keith P.

What in the whomp?

BCAA Member Keith and his wife were driving from Northern BC to their home in the Lower Mainland when they heard the unmistakable noise of a flat tire. Right away, they knew to call BCAA.

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flat tire

Joanne N.

We never ‘tire’ of helping

When a nail tried to throw a wrench in Joanne’s plans, it was the annual holiday gift from her parents that helped save her day.

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a wedding dress

Anne R.

Something borrowed, something blue, BCAA comes to the rescue

When Anne and her husband’s car engine died on the highway en route to their son’s wedding, there was a moment of panic – ‘oh no, we have the dress!’ Learn how BCAA saves the wedding day.

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Alana J's submission photo

Alana O.

Love prevails through an icy situation

When Alana’s vehicle slid on black ice and crashed on the Coquihalla, a proposal was the last thing on her mind. But thanks to the kindness of strangers, helpful tow truck drivers and a quick-thinking (now) fiancé, a love story was born.

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RV on open road

Heather B.

A little help when you hit a bump along the way

During a road trip to visit family, our Member Heather B. and her husband experienced the unexpected. They not only received difficult news while on the road, their truck gave them some trouble, too.

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friends visiting

The Dixon Family

Jurassic-sized holiday trouble on the road

The Dixons, an entire family of BCAA Members got a taste of the holiday blues when their “Jeep-o-saurus” almost became extinct on Christmas day.

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John M.

Cross-border breakdown

While car trouble can happen anywhere and anytime, there’s added pressure when it happens to us when we’re far away from home. BCAA Member John M. and his wife felt the extra stress when they went for what they thought would be an easy-going road trip to the US.

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Spring bike breakdown

A broken bike and 5 km walk home was not an option for BCAA Member Daryl C. Unable to reach his family for help, Daryl found himself caught off guard—and ‘off gear’.

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Unlocking doors and fixing toys

BCAA Member Endrené felt helpless when the keys were accidentally locked inside the car with her son. That’s when our BCAA Road Assist team sprang into action.

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A little kindness goes a long way

Whether it’s roadside assistance or insurance help, we get it—those times can be stressful for anyone. BCAA Member Khatun's story reminds all of us that kindness, even in its most simple form is powerful and easy to give. Let’s keep spreading it!

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