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September 2011 (5 articles)

Car's front wheel and ball joint crashed

My car's front wheel and ball joint crashed at Grandview Walmart today Sunday July 10 2011. Your tow truck driver who arrived was the most kind and helpful person imaginable! He offered useful suggestions as to where we could obtain service for my vehicle on a Sunday and had us there and into a cour... Read more

Difficult tow

The driver went above and beyond the call of duty.  It was a difficult tow. They couldn't access my vehicle in the parking garage, and the truck was too big to fit in the door. They called another driver to bring dollies to move my vehicle over to the door and the two drivers worked relentlessl... Read more

Power steering on my car had failed

I want to pass on praise for some wonderful service I received on my recent visit to Seattle. I drove to Seattle from Kelowna B.C. to join an Alaskan cruise. On my return the morning of Friday July 29, I found that the power steering on my car had failed. The AAA referred me to Lloyd's Automoti... Read more

Stranded on a dark street late at night or on the highway

As a single woman, I rely on BCAA Emergency Road service to get me out of difficulties—even some of my own doing when I have run out of gas. It is dangerous to be stranded on a dark street late at night or on the highway, and calling BCAA is like calling an ambulance; rescue and safety!!! Many... Read more

Tow truck driver that towed the car from Mt. Vernon USA to the border

We rescue dogs and my wife and a friend had traveled to Seattle to retrieve a rescue dog. On the way back to Canada my wife's car broke down near Mt. Vernon USA. It would have been bad enough had my wife been by herself but in this instance she had an animal with her which added to an already bad si... Read more
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