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January 2012 (5 articles)

Priceless Service

Both my kids are BCAA "addicts" like me. We all try to fix the problem ourselves, but when we call you folks, we get excellent help, whether in Montana, Hawaii, and Nova Scotia. Because of our lifestyles, you provided priceless services.   - 38-year Member   Read more


Just keep up the great job! Running into car trouble is upsetting for cost, stress of many other details in life...having an abrupt or unfriendly experience dealing with it just makes matters so much worse. We so appreciate all the help we got and the manner in which it was given.   - 1-year... Read more

Glad to be a Member

I was totally satisfied [with my service]. I had been considering not renewing my BCAA this year because I've had it for a number of years and never used it. However, I just made my annual membership fee back with the cost of the towing job had I not had my BCAA. Plus, they were able to tow me from ... Read more

Thankful for the service

A warning light indicating a low tire appeared on the dashboard in my Mother's Lexus. I first called Lexus’ roadside assistance service and that was a complete waste of my time. The driver from the towing company walked around the vehicle and informed me that nothing was wrong and then left. I was d... Read more

Helpful and handy

I am a disabled veteran who cannot walk. I use a scooter. The driver was extremely helpful and had my vehicle started within two minutes. When I told him my passenger door did not close properly he examined it, went to his truck and obtained a tool and repaired it within three minutes. If it were no... Read more
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